I've seen lots of bloggers and tweeters writing about their 100-day coding challenge. I can code already and, lets face it, after the last 12-months I don't need any challenges that make me spend more time indoors.

As my good friend sent me a picture of his dual medals for racing in the UK, I felt that I should get up and do something. Small steps and all that. So tomorrow starts my self-imposed challenge: 100 days of cycling and photography.

So that means I will cycle and, ideally and for cycling-motivational purposes, take an interesting photo at the same time.

One hundred days from 20th July 2021? That'll be 28th October 2021. Oh god.

Anyway, so what's the challenge?

  • I must use the bicycle every single day. It can be a short trip or a long trip, or just round the block. It could be to go to the shops or down to see the penguins in St Kilda.
  • I must take the camera with me and get at least one interesting photograph.

That's it. I'll post the photos to Twitter probably. Or here. Or both. And most probably I'll do it when I get a moment to sit down and plug in the camera. But it'll be done. I'll also upload my trips to Strava, but only when I remember to tell my watch that's what we're doing.

As a side note, I have just noticed that Strava calls all its members 'athletes'. I mean, it has a detailed record of all of my fitness activities... It clearly doesn't remember the time it rewarded me for climbing three flights of stairs.

Anyway. Tomorrow is the first of a hundred days because today was prep day. I've serviced the bike, checked the tyres, and charged my lights (it's the winter here in Oz). I've also checked the camera is good to go (which, incidentally, is a Nikon 1 J1 and might, as a result of these trips, get itself an upgrade - more on that another time).

There's nothing left to do but update you tomorrow!