Following a some conversation recently, I’ve migrated to Why?

  • It promotes a hybrid #blogging format, both short- and long-form - discussion gravitates around each topic
  • It’s fully #federated
  • I can have my own identity, but don’t need to run #Mastodon any more
  • It’s replaced both my blog and mastodon account
  • It has a great UX, and apps for iOS and macOS (important for me)
  • I get an automatic and rich website to replace my Ghost one, including tagged content, uploads and more.

This is where I love #ActivityPub, and the #fediverse in general. It’s so easy to make these decisions and migrate your profile around with your follows and followers.

I spent a lot of time mulling over options here. I really wish there was a combination of and mastodon software in a language I knew how to host, and to do so efficiently (including my time). But no, I’m not going to fork one, make the right contributions, or create one. So paying is probably best for me.