I made steak for lunch.

    If anything needs disruption, it's email and collaboration tools

    Why is #Microsoft 365 so painful? I switched my little #startup’s accounts to Microsoft 365 for the balance of features and because it wasn’t Google. Over this last week, I needed to allow email forwarding for our help desk tickets. So I set up email forwarding following Microsoft’s guidance, using Outlook Web, or the Exchange admin panel (notably not the admin panel). But it doesn’t work. Some research shows I have to create or amend a policy (I’m now three admin panels deep) and it says it works but then says wait 24+ hours because amending policies requires time to authorise, they’ll do it for me says the message.

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    I moved to micro.blog 🀩

    Following a some conversation recently, I’ve migrated to micro.blog. Why? It promotes a hybrid #blogging format, both short- and long-form - discussion gravitates around each topic It’s fully #federated I can have my own identity, but don’t need to run #Mastodon any more It’s replaced both my blog and mastodon account It has a great UX, and apps for iOS and macOS (important for me) I get an automatic and rich website to replace my Ghost one, including tagged content, uploads and more.

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