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Focusing on big goals can overwhelm us into inaction. Think on the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen – simply getting 1% better each day. What’s something

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·Feb 1, 2021·

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Here's mine (non-resolutions for 2021)

Only eat when hungry

I eat what's on my plate. When I'm bored I eat to entertain myself. I eat good food because it's good. My 1% change will be to eat only when I'm hungry. Obvious for some, a small step in the right direction for me.

Go outdoors every day

Especially with lockdown and remote working, I can go whole days without leaving the house. My 1% change will be to go outdoors every day.

Spend 5 minutes meditating

I am usually tired and overwhelmed. It's my default state (because of bad self-care). I will always find things to do, especially if they are outstanding around me, and then I'll help others.

So my 1% change will be to spend five minutes a day, with my eyes closed, meditating.

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