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Working Abroad as a Migrant

Born a Briton, I have lived and worked in France and Australia as a migrant worker. I thought I’d share the stories with you, in terms of the practicalities and the experiences. So how did I get through the net? In both cases I leveraged a degree in Engineering, recognised by the Washington Accord, and relevant skilled experience, gained in respected businesses and fields. Other than those, France and Australia had different requirements.

Winter Steaks

Ingredients One large rib-eye steakOne yellow and one red bell pepper (seeded and sliced)Two tins of butter beans (drained and rinsed)Half a large onion (diced)Half a small, white cabbage (diced)One teaspoon of paprikaOne teaspoon of English mustardSalt, pepper and olive oil Method Put a large saucepan over a medium heat, and add a tablespoon of olive oil, the cabbage, onion and paprika. Gently sauté until soft and coloured. Then add the butter beans and mustard, and mash until creamy.

Low Carb Mash

A great substitute for potatoes when making mash are butter beans. Great for fibre intake, it’s filling and homely. I served this with (low carb) chilli con carne and stir-fried cabbage. The quantities below gave me 3–4 portions (as always, one for dinner, one for lunch the next day). Ingredients Two tins of butter beansTwo cloves of garlicA good handful of parselyTwo tablespoons of ghee (ideally garlic-infused, so you can ditch the carbs in the garlic above)One teaspoon of pesto (check the ingredients carefully, or make it yourself!

Espresso Cream Soda

Here’s what you need to know about my new creation: espresso cream-soda. Don’t make it, don’t drink it. What was supposed to be a fun, fizzy and refreshingly cold coffee drink was in fact more like taking a latte and then putting it through a SodaStream. Disgusting and a waste of cream soda. If you do try, remember to put the espresso in first otherwise you make a brown cream soda bomb, which takes ages to clear up.