In general, I am still living in Melbourne, with ambitions to buy here and long term total unclarity for where would be good to live. Victoria is wonderful, and has so much to offer, but not our families...

I'm working at Systra, directing a small part of their engineering management consultancy, generally focussed on transport projects and systems engineering, but wanting to do more/pivot. It's a bit of a stale space and needs disruption.

I work 4d/w, and with the other 1 (and some evenings and weekends) I run, where I am keen to launch Pianta. Like really soon. I also mentor a few people, and try to contribute to the community more over time. In general, in the long term, I'd like to combine these, and find a way to make a living that was flexible, constructive, and really sparked joy.

I still cook, a lot. It's a form of meditation and positivity for me, so when I'm not in the mood something beige goes in the oven. I am trying to incorporate more natural sports into my life. I'd love to use that piano the landlord left at the end of the hall more. I still prioritise travel and experiences over material belongings when I can - we just came back from a month in France, Switzerland and Italy.

Updated on 29th Feb, 2024.