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A Project I'll Complete with my Hands

So what isn't coding or cooking that counts as a project completed with my hands? I had a think about what might give me some artisan time.

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·Jan 18, 2021·

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This week's agon: "Identify one project you’d like to complete with your hands, whether chore or craft."

Hmm. I actually really like hobbies like that, my Dad and Grandfather both obsessed about woodwork, my Dad brought me up on DIY and there's no way that being hands-on didn't contribute to me taking up electronics later in life, following Lego and Mechano.

So what am I going to do? I have two ideas.

Bedroom light fittings

The brief. We're in rented accomodation, but like those cotton-cable draped lights that are fashionable at the moment. So the idea is to make an upturned-L shape frame, and hang it using the dado rails. Then the cables can run up from the plug to the frame, and back down to the bulb on either side of the bed.


  • Produce a few designs
  • Choose a favourite and work it up
  • Collect the resources (TBD, based on design, but...) appropriate wood, metal fixings (one suitable for the dado rail), cotton cable, bulbs (maybe from Ikea).
  • Build and test!

Dining Room Train Set

The brief. Above the lounge and dining rooms are a border of wood, a sort of shelf, running the whole way around the room and protuding around 15cms. My partner thinks a train set should run around the top - so there we go. The question will be to work out what it might do that makes it interesting.


  • Need to take a look at what parts are available and how they could be adapted
  • Probably want a battery power supply, to avoid trailing wires
  • Maybe look at remote/HomeKit activation options
  • Also - how could it be made unique?

Photos to follow on all fronts.

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